How to incorporate artwork into your home

Posted: 23rd Jul 2018

If you're looking to give your home an injection of personality, adding photos or artwork could be the way to go!

1. It's incredibly life-affirming to have photographs around the home. They help to bring back the memories of the things you have done and memories that have been created.

2. Etsy and Instagram are the ideal places to look for fun, affordable artwork or prints. Try Kate & The Ink for quirky prints and cards that will make great decorations.

3. You don’t need to frame everything - you can use washi tape to stick postcards in groups. With so many different patterns available, you're guaranteed to find the one for you that will add character to the display and can then be easily removed without leaving any marks.

4. Be creative and try to display something else other than the prints on the walls Flat weaved baskets will look amazing, or alternatively, decorative plate displays will also look great when grouped together.

Feature and styling by Zoe Bishop / photos by Lizzie Orme