Four tips to remember when using bold colour

Posted: 7th Jun 2018

If you're planning to use bold colour, make sure you consider these four points

1. The key is balance. In other words, if you have a bright wallpaper then keep your floor neutral, or vice versa – a colourful printed carpet will look best with plain walls.

2. Use similar tones – this is especially true if you want to use two colours evenly in one room. If you have one too bright and one pale the eye will always be drawn to the brighter shade – ideally you want to showcase both colours and let them create a balance.

3. If you don’t feel very brave, then start playing with colour by choosing bright accessories or soft furnishings instead. When you pick one particular shade it’s called an ‘accent’.

4. Do consider whether your house is north or south facing. A north facing room will work best with warm tones such as pinks and oranges whereas a south facing space can take cooler shades like blues and teals as the natural sunlight will slightly ‘warm’ them up.

Feature and styling y Sophie Warren-Smith / photos by Jeremy Phillips