Four ways you can maximise the space in your hall

Posted: 6th Jun 2018

The hallway is often an underappreciated and overlooked part of the home

For many of us, hallways become the forgotten space, a dumping ground for shoes and bags at the end of the day. However, this actually means you're wasting a lot of space, and with it, potential storage solutions, as we explain here...

1 Under the stairs

The space under the stairs is normally a favourite place to throw things and then forget about them. However, it need not be. A built-in cupboard with shelving could be a winning solution, helping you keep your clutter out of sight and organised in a neat and tidy manner.

2 Hooks

If you don't already have a coat hook, chances are you'll use your newel post or something similar to act as a glorified stand. Adding coat hooks to your wall could be a good way around this, clearing your stairs. Another idea could be putting up some shelving in the space above your hooks - it's another unutilised space where you can either add some decorative accessories to provide your hall with personality or store some other essentials you could need.

3 Hall tables

If you don't have much room, you could initially dismiss this idea out of hand. However, a small sideboard or table could be a very good move, particularly if you're forever losing your car keys. As well as being a handy place to leave a few essentials, it will also gives you the chance to inject your hallway with some character - you could display some pot plants or alternatively, why not try making your own trinket bowl (we have just the tutorial here)?

4 Mirror, mirror on the wall

If you're hall sometimes seems more like a cave than an actual part of your home, try adding a mirror. They are a great way of creating the optical illusion that your hall is actually bigger than it is, and will also help to make it a brighter room too – win-win!