Four ways to get your lighting spot on

Posted: 15th May 2018

Following a few simple tips will set you well on your way to getting the lighting you need in your home

1 A well-lit kitchen will need all important task areas to be efficiently illuminated. Pendants can be added above a table or island, and you can hang more than one to make a statement, directing the focus away from the worktops and towards the entertaining areas.

2 To evoke a comfy, inviting living space, avoid using harsh overhead lighting. Instead, layer up your lighting with table lamps, wall sconces and floor standing lights. These will create a much softer ambience.

3 If you want ceiling lights, fit them on a dimmer switch. That way, you can control the mood, creating bright lighting when needed, or gentle atmosphere for calmer moments.

4 Bedrooms should be a calming retreat, and lighting will play a key part in this. Reading lights either side of the bed should be the first port of call - consider wall lights as opposed to lamps. This frees up your bedside for other functional items.

Feature by Louise O'Bryan / styling by Vickie Nickolls / photos by Olly Gordon