The four stages to hanging feature wallpaper

Posted: 29th Mar 2018

Hanging feature wallpaper may seem a daunting task but try following these tips to make it seem a breeze

1. Start by cleaning the walls with a damp sponge. Fill in any cracks or holes and then find the centre point of the wall. This will be where the first drop will be placed. Divide the width of the wallpaper in half and mark the point to the left of the centre.

2. Use a spirit level to create a plumb line to intersect with the second mark. This will be where you align the wallpaper’s edge, to make sure it's straight. Start in the middle, and then apply paste to the wall with a roller. Work one drop at a time and don't paste all the wall, as this will make it dry.

3. Overlap the top of the roll to the top of the wall by 5cm. Slowly unroll the paper down the wall a bit at a time, smoothing it as you go, and working out any bubbles. Continue all the way down to the bottom of the wall, and then trim the top to bottom.

4. For the next drop, you want to ensure the pattern will line up, so there could be excess trim at the top of the roll to trim later. When it's been positioned and aligned properly, slowly unroll the paper, smoothing it as you go. Then, trim the top and bottom, and repeat for the remaining drops.

Feature and styling by Rosalind Erskine / photos by Fiona Walker-Arnott