The most popular interior trends of the UK are...

Posted: 16th Mar 2018

A new survey has investigated the current interiors trends and exactly where in the UK is the most trend-conscious

The survey, conducted by Anglian Home Improvements, found the most popular interior trends in the UK are currently:

- Wooden features and items (40 per cent)

- Wall art ie big posters and framed art (37 per cent)

- Copper items (20 per cent)

- Succulent plants (18 per cent)

- Brightly-coloured front doors (17 per cent)

When it came to cities, the most trendy were found to be:

- London (90 per cent)

- Glasgow (89 per cent

- Leeds (82 per cent)

- Manchester (82 per cent)

- Nottingham (81 per cent)

The average Brit will wait two years to redecorate their home, but a quarter of people in Glasgow and Cardiff have said they would happily redecorate their home up to four times a year to keep their home looking on-trend.

However, with 4.5 million Brits (seven per cent of respondents) saying they would 'never' redecorate, as they believed their interior 'will come back into fashion eventually'.

When it came to which room was the most important for decor, it was the living room (70 per cent), followed by the kitchen (nine per cent), whilst Londoners expressed the most interest in the bedroom (12 per cent).

The trendiest cities in the UK are:

London (90 per cent)

Glasgow (89 per cent)

Leeds (82 per cent)

Manchester (82 per cent)

Nottingham (81 per cent)

Survey data courtesy of Anglian Home Improvements