Three easy tricks for balancing pattern

Posted: 13th Oct 2015

Balancing patterns can be a tricky field to navigate; be sure to check out our handy hints to make pattern dilemmas a thing of the past.


1. Stick to a strict palette
By persisting with the same colour palette, you can easily combine numerous designs. This will create a simple, uniform look.


[Photos: wallpaper, £23.04, Etsy; wallpaper, £23.04, Etsy]


2. Bring shapes to life
Do not just think of fabrics and wallpaper; instead begin to introduce patterns by going for furniture with quirkier designs, such as angular legs or geometric wire lampshades.


[Photos: wallpaper, £90, Sian Ellen at Not on the High Street; wall stickers, £34.99, Sirface Graphics at Not on the High Street]


3. Strengthen the focus
The potential standout feature of a patterned room will be the wallpaper, so be sure it gets the attention it deserves! Having decided on the style, the rest of the room should be based around complementing the design (by repeating the design in certain shapes) or else by constrasting through scale (by making it smaller or bigger).

[Lead photo Douglas Gibb]