Five ways to use Mosaic Tiles in your kitchen or bathroom

Posted: 8th Mar 2018

Mosaic tiles are a popular choice for home interiors, with bathrooms and kitchens being the rooms they feature within most.

The intricate style creates a distinctive look, capable of transforming any space. Versatile mosaics can be used in many different ways including as a backsplash, feature wall or border. You have a wide range of mosaic tiles to choose from, such as; natural stone, sparkly quartz and ceramic. Take a look below to see how mosaic tiles could be used as part of your kitchen or bathroom design.

1 Kitchen backsplash

Provide your kitchen with a unique feature by introducing a mosaic backsplash wall design. Mosaic tiles will not only produce a stylish look but will also create a covering which is easy to clean and maintain. This kitchen backsplash has been created by quartz mosaic tiles which have a sparkly appearance. For added style, the mosaics have been contrasted by a different coloured grout which enables the tiles to stand out even more.

2 Border

A neat, contrasting mosaic border in a modern bathroom can really bring a design to life. A border feature can provide additional style and is perfect for minimalist, contemporary interiors where less is more. Using a colour and style which is different from the standard wall tiles offers a unique element which might just give your bathroom the wow factor you’re looking for.

3 Sink wall feature

Transform a sink area by choosing mosaic tiles to create a decorative wall feature. Not only will mosaics produce a trendy look but there are also practical reasons for choosing tiles in this area as they will protect the underlying substrate. A papered or painted wall will soon become damaged by water in a sink area and this is why tiles are the best choice.

4 Curved bathroom wall

Mosaics are attached to a flexible mesh sheet which ensures they can be applied to a vast array of surfaces, even curved walls. As a curved wall feature, mosaics produce a distinctive style and are perfect for creating a real focal point. Curved walls are common in areas which have been converted in to a bathroom including lofts and for designs like this there is no better option than mosaic tiles.

5 Shower floors

Mosaic Tiles are not only a great choice for wall designs but can also be used as a floor covering. They are particularly well suited to shower areas in bathrooms and have practical benefits too, as the increased number of grout lines provides a high level of slip resistance in comparison to standard format tiles. Natural stone mosaics are a very good choice for shower area floors.

Article supplied by Tilesporcelain