The joys of the spring clean

Posted: 7th Mar 2018

Spring being upon us heralds three things - the return of the nicer weather (hopefully), plants starting to grow and the annual spring clean!

As a nation, we're generally quite tidy, with a survey conducted by OKA revealing 71 per cent of the population considered a clean home to be important to them. Such a high figure makes the fact that only two per cent class their home as very tidy a surprising stat. Whether it's a case or typical British modesty, or us being a nation of perfectionists, who can say.

The most difficult task for the nation proved to be cleaning furnishings, with many of us finding it difficult to find the time to deep clean carpets, mattresses and curtains on a regular basis. The annual spring clean will be the time of year where we focus on a deep clean, refreshing these items in the home.

Other problem areas for the country are bedrooms and spare rooms, which 25 per cent of us admit are the least tidy rooms in the home. These rooms are treated at the 'junk' rooms, as we will typically shut the door and hide the clutter from any guests and visitors.

By contrast, bathrooms are four times more likely to be clean and tidy than bedrooms - in Scotland, the least tidy room in the house will be the study. However, if you often work from home, it's crucial to keep your workspace tidy and to avoid the distraction of mess.

How to keep your home neat and tidy

A tidy house can be attributed more to a few small daily habits and smart home strategies, as opposed to a regimented cleaning and tidying each day. There are a few ways to keep your home looking neat at all times, and it starts with a simple routine of cleaning as you go.

As the saying goes, "if it takes less than two minutes, do it now". Make this the period where you get into the habit of picking up the small messes as you go along (for instance, folding up blankets and plumping the cushions at the end of the night, putting the washing away as soon as it's dry, picking up toys when the children have finished playing). This combines to make it easier for your home to feel tidy at all times. Try these tips and tricks to help to create a house that looks as tidy as possible.

Choose furniture that has a double purpose

Storage beds, ottomans and attractive storage units are ways to get function and practicality from your furniture. When everything has a place and can be tidied away, meaning there's less of a chance of letting clutter build up and making a room look messy.

Utilise hidden storage

A table storage can be excellent for hiding papers, books or any other loose items that are needed on a daily basis. Hidden storage helps to declutter surfaces without taking up more space, subsequently reducing dust build-up.

Create an illusion of light and space

A dark space will typically feel more cluttered than a light, open area. An accessory such as a sophisticated lamp will not only elevate a room with form and function but also brightens up areas and create an illusion of more space.

Spruce up your living room

Giving your curtains and cushion covers a freshen up will automatically create a feeling of brightness and cleanliness in your home. Cushion covers are easy to change throughout the year to give your home a season-appropriate burst of colour and pattern.

Tidy house, tidy mind

Your environment will have a strong effect on how your mind will operate. Decluttering your home will give you a richer and easier flow of ideas and energy. Your home will often complement your current state of being - if you feel stressed, overwhelmed and cluttered, it could be a good opportunity to carry out some spring cleaning.

Tips and images courtesy of OKA