The kitchen improvements report

Posted: 5th Mar 2018

A study, conducted by Houzz UK, looked at nearly 5,000 UK homeowners who are in the middle of, are planning, or recently completed a kitchen project

The most popular kitchen improvements were found to be:

1 Cutting through the clutter

Reducing clutter is the top motivation for upgrading cabinets during a kitchen renovation. The most popular built-in cabinet storage was found to be cutlery organisers, deep drawer organisers, and pull-out waste or recycling cabinets.

2 Engineered quartz is on the rise

Worktops are among the most common feature to be upgraded during kitchen renovations, closely followed by cabinets and taps. Engineered quartz has increased in popularity as the leading worktop material and is commonly chosen by homeowners between 35 and 54.

3 Enlarging and making more open

Over a quarter of renovating homeowners would like to increase the size of their kitchen during the renovations, with those between 35 and 54 the most likely to do so. Over half will open their kitchen up to nearby rooms, while a similar number will open to the outdoors.

4 £10,000 kitchen

Kitchen renovations today average £10,300, but the averages range between £8,100 and £11,700 depending on the size of the kitchen. Those older than 55 are the most willing to splash the cash, typically spending nearly twice as much as those who are under 35 (£11,200 as opposed to £6,100).

Interestingly, when it comes to renovations, 72 per cent will have purchased their home within the past 10 years, while 38 per cent are planning to sell within the next 10 years.

The reasons homeowners gave for updating their kitchen includes:

"Purchased my home recently and want to make it my own" - 40 per cent

"Wanted to do it all along and finally have the means to do it" - 33 per cent

"Can no longer stand the old kitchen" - 29 per cent

"Old kitchen deteriorated, broke down or became unsafe" - 25 per cent

"Adapting to recent changes in my family and lifestyle" -13 per cent

"Was recently inspired to make certain changes" - seven per cent

"Planning on selling my home soon and need to improve the resale value" - three per cent

The most popular kitchen styles were found to be:

Contemporary - 55 per cent

Traditional - 10 per cent

Scandinavian - seven per cent

Country - six per cent

Industrial - four per cent

Eclectic - four per cent

Hamptons - two per cent

No particular style - two per cent

The three most popular kitchen elements to be added are:

Worktops - 93 per cent

Cabinets - 92 per cent

Taps and other plumbing fixtures - 90 per cent

In comparison, the top three new built-ins are:

Island - 41 per cent

Pantry cupboard - 39 per cent

Breakfast bar - 34 per cent

When it comes to updating cabinets, the most popular varieties proved to be:

Cutlery organisers - 75 per cent

Deep drawer organisers - 60 per cent

Pull-out waste or recycling cabinets - 49 per cent

The top three cabinet types are:

Semi-custom cabinets - 31 per cent

Ready-to-assemble cabinets - 24 per cent

Custom cabinets - 22 per cent

The top three cabinet storage motivations are:

Making better use of space - 80 per cent

Reducing clutter - 55 per cent

Making it easier to find items - 53 per cent

When it comes to appliances, the top three appliance types are:

Dishwashers - 81 per cent

Refrigerator / freezer - 78 per cent

Extractor fan - 75 per cent

The top three Hob / Cooker types are:

Induction - 41 per cent

Gas - 29 per cent

Gas / electric combo - 17 per cent

Survey data courtesy of Houzz UK