Could your boiler be knocking £5,000 off your home's value?

Posted: 15th Feb 2018

Would an exposed boiler put you off buying a home?

Over half of Brits have said they would knock £5,000 off the purchase price of a property if it had an exposed boiler, a study, conducted by npower, has found, with homebuyers considering it a bigger turn off than old kitchen appliances and clunky radiators.

If you happen to have an exposed boiler and your house is on the market, you may want to try these clever tricks and tips 

It's not a hard scene to picture - you've spent months planning a new kitchen and bathroom, only to find the boiler is spoiling the project. Well, fear not. There are a few budget friendly tricks, courtesy of interiors blogger Jen Stanbrook of Love Chic Living, that you can try to hide your boiler, regardless of it's shape and size. 

Don't feel despondent about designing your room around your boiler. In fact, a creative solution can give you extra storage and even enhancing your room's design too. Once you've finished, you'd be surprised at how the boiler is integrated into the room - you could almost forget it's there altogether.

For budgets up to £100

If you have up to £100 to spend, there are some great solutions for concealing a boiler, especially if you're prepared to get the tools out and give it a go yourself.

A simple solution is to build a cupboard around it, that can then be made to match your decor. Boxing in your boiler with plywood and painting it your favourite colour is the quickest and simplest way to conceal your appliance - you can even use blackboard paint if you'd like a functional feature. Don't forget to ensure your pipes are boxed in too - you can then decorate this in the same scheme as the rest of the room. Remember you'll need to be able to access the boiler when it needs servicing, possibly at short notice, so ensure the cupboard is user friendly and easy to open.

Also, remember to ensure you check the regulatory requirements around air flow before starting.

For budgets up to £300

If your boiler isn't in the kitchen - for instance, it could be in the bathroom - you may need to spend a little more money on the project to keep it out of view. Bathrooms need to look sleek and uncluttered, so housing your boiler in an airing cupboard, or putting a new bathroom cupboard around it is a great way of keeping a neat and tidy look.

Keep the space useful and practical by adding shelving and baskets to store your toiletries and towels. Again, you will need to maintain access to the appliance so bear that in mind when designing or purchasing your cabinet.

Images courtesy of Alamy

For budgets up to £500

If you're lucky enough to have the space, you could create a purpose-built area for the boiler and, potentially, other appliances you'd like to keep hidden too. This could be in a utility room, but if you don't have one, you can always section off part of the kitchen or hall way and create a false wall and new door. You may need a joiner for this, but it's worth the investment, as you'll find it's also a great space for storing cleaning and laundry equipment you don't want on display.

Lead image: Jen Stanbrook / Love Chic Living