Four tips for installing a wood burning stove

Posted: 15th Feb 2018

If you're thinking of installing a wood burning stove, you want to make sure you're properly prepared

1. To start, decide where the best location will be for your stove. The ground floor will generally be your best bet, as the stove is essentially a heater. If you have it, an ideal spot will be a room which has good insulation – that way, you don't lose any heat through the walls or windows.

2. Another thing to consider before purchasing a stove is the specified clearance distance - this is the minimum safe distance between the stove island and nearby floors and walls.

3. Take into account that building regulations require the stove to sit on a plinth of non-combustible material extending at least 150mm at the sides and 300mm in front.

4. Stoves can either be fitted into existing fireplaces or as freestanding elements. Each will need different fittings so make sure you get advice on what you require. Decide in advance where you want the stove to go and then seek helpful advice.

Feature by Rosalind Erskine / photos by Lizzie Orme / styling by Laurie Davidson