Four ways to zone an open-plan room

Posted: 30th Apr 2018

Follow these four tips to create the ideal open-plan zone

1. When you need a room to accommodate cooking, eating, lounging and possibly even a workspace, the secret is dividing each area into zones. A cohesive colour palette linking the space is essential.

2. Pick a focal point for each area. This could be a wood burner, rug or even a feature wall. Lighting can be a good way of defining each space too - for instance a floor lamp in the living section and pendants to light the dining zone.

3. Create a sense of broken-plan living by making one area semi-private with a folding screen or double-sided open bookcase, which can act as a room separator. Another option is sliding or double doors which provide the best of both worlds.

4. Ample storage will be crucial as there's no option to shut the door on clutter and escape to another room. Ikea has plenty of storage solutions, or alternatively, consider extending your kitchen units into the living or dining zones.

Feature by Katie Wilson / photos by Katie Lee