The new Ikea range that promises complete flexibility

Posted: 8th Feb 2018

Ikea have partnered with interior designer Tom Dixon to launch a new range which promises complete flexibility

The new range, DELAKTIG (which means 'being involved' on Swedish), is encouraging homeowners to adapt and alter their set up to fit in with what they need at that moment.

Central to this concept is a durable aluminium frame, which comes in three sizes. This can be turned into a wide variety of household items, including a variety of sofas, a bed, or even a coffee table, thanks to a variety of accessories ranging from armrests and cushioned ends to clip-on side tables.

Designed to allow you to do your own thing, DELAKTIG essentially allows you to alter your room based on your requirements - ideal for those of us with little space in our homes. In effect, it’s a blank canvas.

The 28-piece collection will be launching this month, with accessories starting from £50.