Four quick low-cost rental fix-ups

Posted: 10th Jan 2018

If you're looking for some quick fix methods to improve your rental, these low-cost tips could come in very handy...

1. If you can’t afford to totally replace the kitchen cabinetry for new, you can easily update them with a lick of paint. Or alternatively try to cover them in sticky-back vinyl. You’ll also be surprised what a good scrub will do, too!

2. If the cabinets are in a good condition, and you have a bit of spare money, you could replace the worktop. A lot of builder’s merchants sell short off-cuts of worktop cheaply, so be sure to ask; you may get a bargain!

3. It’s inexpensive and fast to update your tiles with paint. One coat over ceramic tiles and a refresh with a grout pen and your bathroom or kitchen will look totally different in a matter of hours. Dark colours or patterns may need two coats.

4. Changing fixtures and fittings can make a difference. Shiny new taps, cabinet handles, lighting, and small appliances will update the look. Why not invest in a new fridge freezer?

Photos by Cathy Pyle / feature by Lizzie Hudson