Four ways to make your own blackboard

Posted: 22nd Nov 2017

One of the best ways to add a decorative feel to your home can be a blackboard - you can personalise it to great effect and give your room a homely touch

1. Buy a blank blackboard in a size that will look good on one of your walls - keep your eyes peeled for a sale bargain. Another option would be to pick up a plain board and use black chalk paint to create your own - this has the added bonus of being significantly cheaper too.

2. Make sure the blackboard is appropriate to the room, and then write a list of words that are personal to the two of you and draw out your design on paper.

3. You can then vary the size and style of the words to add some interest. A great way of learning how to do calligraphy is to watch some YouTube videos, and then translate this onto your blackboard.

4. Use chalk pens to write the words - then, even if it goes wrong, you can wash it off with soapy water, and even change the whole picture later on.

Photo by David Giles