Five tips to consider when styling your interior

Posted: 20th Nov 2017

Even if you're an interiors novice, there are quick fixes you can try to update your home and make it more stylish

Regardless of whether your furnishings and overall room design have seen better days, there are some simple but effective tricks you can try that will transform your space, adding personality and style.

Whether you're doing a large scale overhaul of your home or are looking to breathe some new life into a room, updating your living space doesn't have to be a daunting task.

This has prompted OKA to create a simple step-by-step guide to help you to revamp your rooms, giving you a polished, updated space.

1 Decide on your room's purpose

Your living space is the heart of your home, so you should decide how you'll be using the room - this is crucial for creating the right ambiance. For instance, do you want it to be light and airy for the whole family to enjoy? Or perhaps darker and more intimate for an evening of socialising? Alternatively, maybe a tech-free, comfortable retreat to escape to after a hectic day. When you decide, think about your lifestyle. As the room could hold multiple purposes, be prepared to be flexible and unique.

2 Choose and research a theme

It's worth putting in the time to research and discover the interior design style you would like in your home - always keep the room's purpose in mind. For instance, if there's a traditional theme, there will be connotations of curved edges, muted colours and soft textures, whereas a modern style will typically incorporate clean lines, white walls and bold features. Although it's worth having an overall theme, don't feel hemmed in by it - try mixing certain styles with another to create an eclectic look that brings out the personality of your space.

3 Choose a colour palette

The right colour palette will truly make or break a room. It's well worth putting in the time to choose the right colours for your room - bear in mind that different textures and paint finishes can make the colour appear different.

4 Choose your furniture

Keep the purpose, theme and colour in mind when you make your furniture decisions. It's worth making the most of existing features, and scale the pieces accordingly. Be clever with narrow consoles, compact sofas and small dining tables, then up the ante with accessories. This is the chance to add more personality to the room, and, of course, add function to the space.

5 Don't overlook accessories

Accessories may be the final stage but they can really make a room. Simply add personality and mix up the style with eclectic flourishes. Things like cushions, lighting and decorative accessories will be crucial pieces of room decor to elevate your space - sometimes, something like changing a few cushions on a couch or adding a lamp to a coffee table can make a real difference. A rug, for instance, can be seen as a key part of the room that will group furniture together, providing a foundation to build upon.

Information and pictures courtesy of Oka