Four ways to effectively use a range of colours

Posted: 9th Aug 2017

Are you hoping to use a range of colours but find yourself unsure how to do so? It can be a great look - and we're going to tell you exactly how to do it!

1 Start by choosing a basic palette for the backdrop - for instance, blue and green. Then, use these colours on the walls. However, be sure to use lighter colours to highlight the woodwork – this will create the effect of every room almost flowing into the next.

2 Two or three other colours, such as red and orange, can then be repeated in furnishings and fabrics. The thing to ensure is there are touches of your wall colour within them.

3 Don't be afraid of pattern, especially if the colours you use are in your chosen range. Just ensure the shades are echoed throughout - this will prevent the designs clashing or looking out of place.

4 Layer up the colours - for example, use bedding in contrasting colours as opposed to a matching set, and use plenty of one-off cushions. Team these with objects and accessories which incorporate different scales and textures.

Photo by David Giles