Why Go With Electric Radiators?

Posted: 25th Nov 2019

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With over 60% of energy used being used for heating, it is more important than ever to get the correct energy efficient heating in your home. Due to recent changes to legislations regarding electric heating it is now better than ever before, allowing you complete control of your heating and ultimately your energy consumption, 24hr a day, 7 days a week!

The ability to install them without digging up floors or adding pipework makes electric heating one of the cleanest and quickest to fit too! As there is no pipework you’re also not restricted as to where you can place them either, just a standard 13 Amp plug, or spur is all that's needed! 

The positives just keep coming with Electric Radiators!

No Maintenance! Unlike gas systems you are not required to do a full service every year and have no worries regarding any harmful gases. Electric radiators have the same look and feel of gas radiators but give you much more flexibility.  For example, you can have a different time and temperature setting in every room in the house, allowing your home heating to mirror your lifestyle requirements! 

Being 100% energy efficient also means that you’re safe in the knowledge that what goes into your radiator is also coming out as heat and keeping you warm!  Unlike gas systems that lose heat throughout the pipes as it travels to the radiators.

Add to this the ability to control your heating, room by room, remotely via a smart app then you really do have a totally flexible and controllable form of heating!

All the ranges at The Electric Radiator Shop are supplied from Electrorad and are fully “lot 20 compliant” and most can be controlled via an app on your phone/pc or tablet.  It really does make for an easy choice when deciding what form of energy to use to keep your house warm and toasty!