The 4 steps to planning a loft conversion

Posted: 19th Sep 2019

Don’t move, improve and build into your roof space

1. Loft conversions can add 20% to a home’s value. You’ll need at least 2.2m at the tallest part of the room. 

2. There are four main types of loft conversion. A roof light conversion is the simplest as you don’t need to change the pitch of your roof so won’t need planning permission. If you need a bit of extra floor space and head height, you can opt for a dormer conversion. With a hip to gable conversion, one of the sloping sides of your roof becomes a vertical gable end but this is only suitable for semis or detached houses. 

3. Finally a mansard conversion runs the whole length of the house and alters the entire roof shape to give a steeper roof height. Check to see if you need planning permission at planningportal. Whatever option you go for, the glazing should take up around 20% of the roof area. 

4. The design of your new staircase is a crucial element as this will dictate the layout. You’ll normally need to lose some space from the landing, or sacrifice part of a bedroom.

Feature and styling by Karen Wilson / photos by Katie Lee