4 ways to maximise the light in your home

Posted: 11th Sep 2019

Fill your space with light with these tricks and tips

1. Going larger with existing windows and adding more is the obvious place to start. Alternatively, replace a smaller window with a picture window or glazed doors. French or sliding doors are cheaper than bi-folds but pick a thin frame to maximise light. Rooflights are another great option.

2. For rooms with no windows, such as a bathroom or hallway a light tube costing around £250 each can make a huge difference. These reflective tubes are installed between the roof and ceiling to bring in soft, defused natural light. 

3. If you’re short on cash for bigger jobs, there are other tricks to try. Place a large mirror opposite a window, try a light wood flooring, ditch curtains in favour of translucent blinds and pick mirrored furniture. 

4. Consider a glazed internal door to borrow light from a neighbouring room. Don’t forget the outside, and remember to trim back bushes or trees that are blocking the light.

Feature and styling by Karen Wilson / photos by Katie Lee