The 4 steps to restoring a wooden floor

Posted: 6th Sep 2019

We have just the advice if you’re inspired to reveal your wooden flooring

1. Firstly, check the condition of your floor. Pull out or flatten protruding nails, and fill large gaps to minimise draughts. You can use special mastic, or mix a paste from sawdust and wood glue. 

2. Sand with a sander and edge sander, then vacuum. When it’s dry and dustfree, you’re ready to varnish or stain it. 

3. Varnish makes a durable surface for high-traffic zones, but may show scratches over time, and you’d need to sand again to restore it. If you want a darker result, look for a coloured stain. These are absorbed into the wood, so won’t wear away, and you could seal with a clear protective topcoat. 

4. Painting is another option. There’s a wide colour choice and you could even use stencils to create patterns. Specialised floor paints are worth the outlay as they are formulated to resist wear and tear. Some require a primer, so check first.

Feature by Annabelle Gundy / photos by Colin Poole