Four tips to successfully hanging patterned wallpaper

Posted: 10th Jul 2018

If you're planning to hang patterned wallpaper, follow these tips to get yours looking picture perfect

1. Make sure you have the correct amount of wallpaper. Check the batch numbers for this as colours and finishes can vary. Measure the wall to be papered and allow around 10 per cent extra for wastage.

2. Measure the height of the wall, allowing 10cm extra, before unrolling the paper, pattern side down, and cut it to size. Turn over, unroll the next length, and place the patterned edges together, adjusting them until the design is aligned. Then, number the lengths.

3. Apply the paste to the first sheet. Measure the length of the wall to ensure that this will not leave you with tiny strips at the sides. Use a plumb line to draw the first vertical line.

4. Hang the first length of paper, smoothing with a paste brush, and adjust until it follows the plumb length. Continue hanging the paper from this point.

Feature and styling by Heather Dixon / photos by Dave Burton