Do you have any smart tech in your home?

Posted: 28th May 2019

A study has revealed there are now over 15 million 'smart homes' in Britain - but what smart tech are we using, and what would we like to see?

Well, 57 per cent of us now rely on a smart device to do something, including controlling the lights, the home’s security, kettle, or vacuum cleaner.

Over four in 10 Brits will using streaming services on their television, while one in three use a gadget when listening to music.

Over one in six also remotely use smart tech for a number of tasks on a day-to-day basis, which range from setting the temperature, to turning the kettle on prior to returning home.

45 per cent also want to update their home with some of the latest tech in the next few years, with 50 per cent motivated by the belief that it will save them both time and money.

Going forward, what smart tech would we most like to see?

Well, understandably, we'd like to have self-cleaning toilets and carpets, as it would remove some of the more unpleasant tasks from our day-to-day life. An oven capable of cooking items at numerous temperatures is also high on our list of priorities, along with being able to turn itself off after the food's been cooked.

When planning future investments, a third of Brits intend to buy smart light bulbs, while one in 10 would love a robot vacuum cleaner and 24 per cent have a smart speaker on their ‘to buy’ list.

So, what's driving us towards smart tech? Well, three in 10 adults think it would help them do their bit for the environment, while 22 per cent would like to cross things off their ‘to do’ list.

However, two thirds have said smart tech costs too much, and the price would have to come down before buying any.

Going forward, Brits would love to have a kettle that could start boiling by voice request, while self-emptying bins, and lights which can turn themselves off after you've dozed off would also be appreciated, the OnePoll study revealed, conducted to mark Smart Home Week.

The 30 most desired smart tech items are:

1. A toilet which cleans itself
2. A carpet which cleans itself
3. A multi-shelf oven which can cook separate items of foods at different temperatures at the same time on
4. Control heated flooring throughout the house
5. An oven which turns itself off when sensing dinner is cooked
6. An oven which turns itself off when your food is cooked
7. A wardrobe which cleans, irons, folds your clothes and puts everything away colour co-ordinated
8. Boil the kettle by voice request
9. Bins which empty themselves
10. Vacuum cleaner which runs when the house is empty
11. Open the curtains / blinds by voice request
12. A bin to tell you what you can recycle and what you can't
13. Music system which lowers the volume of the music in response to the telephone ringing / someone knocking at the door
14. Fridge being able to tell what food has run out and create a shopping list
15. Lights to switch off automatically when you fall asleep
16. TV/tablet to switch off automatically when you fall asleep
17. A bed which makes the sheets with a click of a button
18. Hairdryer which can dry hair in under two minutes
19. Fridge which tells you how long your food will stay fresh for
20. Windows which change colour/ hence no need for curtains
21. A gadget which can stop the other half snoring
22. Microwave which monitors food temperature
23. Floor lighting which moves with your step - so you can navigate the room in the dark without waking a partner
24. Robot butler to change the bed sheets
25. Monitor to tell you the weather forecast when you open your curtains
26. Smart meter to tell you when your house needs a clean and where
27. A bath which creates the optimum temperature based on your mood
28. Drawers that can pair socks together - no more odd socks
29. A machine which hangs up the clothes you throw on the floor
30. A machine to feed your pet automatically