Discover Chinese food with Lizzie Mabbott

Posted: 3rd Jul 2015

Looking to push the culinary boat out this summer? These two delicious dishes from Chinatown Kitchen (Michell Beazley, £10) will definitely do the trick. Author Lizzie Mabbott lived in Hong Kong until she was 13 and revelled in its street food, markets, dim sum brunches and the cramped, sizzling-hot kitchen of her family's apartment. She has channelled all that she loves most about the city's vibrant food culture into Chinatown Kitchen, her debut book. Here we have two tasty recipes for you to try at home, and in doing so, capture the true taste of Hong Kong. Click the links for the instructions.


Chinatown fruit tart


Mangosteen, Dragonfruit and Kiwi Tart with Coconut Cream
'This tart is a classic preparation that has been ‘Asianified’ with the inclusion of coconut and some of the fruits you’ll find at an Asian supermarket. While the tart is pretty, it also allows the flavour of the fruits to come through fairly unadulterated. One thing to note is that for a successful crème pâtissière free from lumps, you must whisk the shit out of it. I speak from experience.'


Chinatown rice recipe


Black Sticky Rice with Mango
'The traditional Thai dessert is sticky rice with mango made with white glutinous rice, but this works equally well. The black glutinous rice makes a dramatic dish, especially when offset by the vibrancy of the colourful fruit. You can turn this into a breakfast or brunch dish by adding sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds and orange segments. Experiment with different fruit, like strawberries, dragonfruit or blueberries.'