And the nation's favourite pie is...

Posted: 5th Mar 2019

It's British Pie Week (4th-10th March)!

That basically gives you free reign to indulge in as many pies as you like - or at least, we're using it as justification for just that.

This got us thinking - what exactly are the nation's pie eating habits like? Well, luckily for us, Pukka Pies have investigated...

It turns out that over a quarter (26 per cent) will turn to a pie as a hump day treat, clearly feeling having one to look forward to will help to make Wednesday more bearable. On top of this, 33 per cent think pies are the perfect comfort food for those cold, rainy days.

So, with that out of the way, what are we having our pies? Well, for a third (36 per cent), gravy will be the condiment of choice, while for nearly one in seven (13 per cent), it's brown sauce. To go alongside this, 32 per cent want chips, while mash comes in second place (25 per cent), and 22 per cent pick fresh veg.

And, perhaps most importantly, what types of pie are the nation favouring?

Well, here are the nation's 10 top pie flavours:

1. Steak & Kidney
2. Steak & Ale
3. All Steak
4. Chicken & Mushroom
5. Minced Beef & Onion
6. Cheese & Onion
7. Chicken & Gravy
8. Chicken & Vegetable
9. Curry Pie
10. Leek & Potato