6 healthy alternatives to try instead of chocolate

Posted: 26th Feb 2019

We're all guilty of snacking during the day

It reaches that time of the morning where we're all feeling like we could do with a nice chocolate biscuit. Or five. While there's not actually anything directly wrong with snacking - it's actually a good way of managing your appetite during mealtimes - there are some options that are better for you than others.

For instance, substituting a snack that's high in sugar and salt for a healthier alternative will, unsurprisingly, benefit you. However, when you're feeling like a sweet treat, it's not always so easy to go for that healthy option that you know is better for you.

With that in mind, California Walnuts has partnered with dietitian Sian Porter to give you six alternatives that you can turn to when you feel like munching on some chocolate...

1. A handful (30 grams) of walnuts - eat them one by one and make sure you savour the flavour.

2. A smoothie - it can include frozen berries, some live yogurt, fruit or veg - there's a whole world of possibilities for what to include.

3. Why not try some veg sticks of pepper, cucumber, celery and carrots? You can dip them in a nut butter to give them some more flavour.

4. A small pack of plain popcorn (around 20g)

5. Wholegrain crackers with a side of hummus

6. 1/4 mashed avocado with a sprinkle of chilli flakes or black pepper with veg sticks

Information courtesy of California Walnuts