Do you know where your food comes from?

Posted: 7th Feb 2019

How would you do when it comes to identifying which foods are grown in the UK?

A recent poll of 2,000 UK adults yielded some surprising results, as it was found many of us are completely oblivious as to where our everyday fruit and vegetables are grown, along with which ones are in season.

Six in 10 admitted they never think about the origins of their groceries, even though 65 per cent have said they prefer to buy British, while 77 per cent think it's important for companies to support UK suppliers.

44 per cent said they couldn't say which countries produce parsnips, 56 per cent didn't know where kale comes from, while 58 per cent said the same about leeks.

On top of this, a third thought sweet potatoes would normally be grown in the UK, even though the majority come from South India.

Four in 10 said they didn't know where apples came from, while 43 per cent were clueless about onions and 47 per cent didn't know where cucumbers were from.

And despite the importance of consuming five a day, the typical adult only eats three pieces of fruit and vegetables each day.

This isn't surprising when you consider 54 per cent think they don't consume enough, which in turn, is less shocking when it was revealed the average Brit only spends £8 on vegetables each week.

Around half said they struggle to include 'enough' carrots, tomatoes and peas in their diet, while a quarter only eat vegetables when they're part of a sauce or soup.

The study was commissioned by Crosse & Blackwell as a part of the recent launch of their four new varieties of soup.