There's more to honey

Posted: 24th Oct 2018

Do you know what makes Manuka Honey so special?

This National Honey Week, we've decided to find out...

Well, most honey, including Manuka, exhibits some antimicrobial Peroxide Activity; however, Manuka honey is believed by some to be unique in that it also exhibits significant antimicrobial activity from other naturally occurring antimicrobial components. This characteristic activity is known as Non-Peroxide Activity (NPA), which provides medical, healing and antibacterial properties - it's often used as a treatment for wounds and infections.

Unlike the other honeys of the world, Manuka Honey is only produced from bees pollinating the Manuka bush, which is native to New Zealand. At maximum capacity, there will only be 1,700 tonnes produced each year, making it one of the most premium, luxurious and sought-after honeys.

Earlier this year, Hilltop Honey released its very first Manuka Honey in the UK - with a difference. What sets their Manuka Honey apart from the rest is how it comes - it's in soft set form (the way New Zealanders have it), compared to other British honey producers who sell it in runny form.

Characterised by being a dark amber colour, and having strong earthy, herbaceous and floral notes, it's the perfect texture for spreading on toast, adding to smoothies or enjoying a large spoonful. In short, you're guaranteed to crave that extra spoonful!

Scott Davies, Managing Director of Hilltop Honey, commented: "Manuka Honey is regarded as one of the most unique and beneficial forms of honey in the world. Not only does it taste good, but Manuka honey is praised for its nutritional and health benefits – it has been used to help cure acne, to treat burns, wounds and ulcers as well as helping sore throats and immunity."

"Our favourite little insects forage the manuka bush native to New Zealand, to bring you this dark, herbal, amber honey. We measure our honey using the Non-Peroxide Activity (NPA) activity rating system. The higher the rating, the higher the NPA."

You can find out more about Hilltop Honey by visiting, or finding it in store and online at Tesco and Ocado.

Manuka Berry Smoothie

Kick start your morning with this brilliant berry smoothie. This raspberry, blueberry and Manuka honey smoothie is packed with berries for vitamins and antioxidants. For an extra boost, add a sprinkling of bee pollen. Bee pollen is naturally high in vitamins, minerals and proteins, making it the perfect addition to your morning smoothie. No wonder it’s considered a superfood!

This super simple smoothie recipe is a delicious breakfast treat. Add a spoonful (or two, we won’t judge!) of Hilltop Honey Manuka to provide a touch of sweetness – mixed altogether to bring you the ultimate morning buzz!

Serves 1-2

You will need:

300ml apple juice
200g natural yogurt
2 tablespoons of Hilltop Honey, Manuka honey NPA 10+
250g raspberries
100g blueberries
A sprinkling of bee pollen to garnish!


1. Add all the ingredients into a blender

2. Blend the ingredients until smooth

3. Taste for sweetness, add more honey if needed

4. Pour across two tumblers and sprinkle with bee pollen

5. Sit back, sip and enjoy!

Hilltop Honey Manuka honey NPA 10+ is available to buy from Tesco stores and online.