Average UK household wastes £271 of food a year

Posted: 12th Jul 2018

New research has found every UK household is throwing away £271.44 of edible food each year, with nearly a quarter (24 per cent) admitting they waste food simply because they forget what they have in their fridge

Conducted by Hotpoint, the study found over a quarter of the UK (35 per cent) admitted to not planning their meals, with only a quarter (26 per cent) will write a shopping list before they visit the shops. The more relaxed attitude results in half of the UK (50 per cent) regularly buying food they already have in their fridge, while one in five (21 per cent) throw their food away because they do not have a chance to eat it before it passes its best before date.

A key worry for two thirds of the nation is wasting money, but UK households throw away eight per cent of a £65.31 average weekly shop. 59 per cent believe supermarkets create the most food waste, yet the research revealed 71 per cent of it actually comes from households.

A recent WRAP report found British households will now throw away five million tonnes of good food each year, with bread being the most commonly waste food.

The nation's top 10 most wasted foods are:

1 Bread

2 Bagged salad

3 Fresh vegetables

4 Cooked leftovers

5 Fresh fruit

6 Milk

7 Eggs

8 Cheese

9 Meat

10 Fish

Food waste is weighing on the mind of the UK, with two thirds (65 per cent) admitting they are concerned by how much they waste on food, and more than seven in 10 (74 per cent) feel personally responsible for the impact that food waste has on the environment.

36 per cent said it leaves them feeling 'guilty', while a quarter (24 per cent) feel 'frustrated' and 16 per cent feel 'disorganised'.

The good news is the fact that the nation recognises the problem, with food waste being a pressing issue. Over eight in 10 (85 per cent) feel more could and should be done to address the issue, and nearly half (48 per cent) say they are concerned about the issue of food waste, which has managed to increase over the last few years.

Hotpoint have teamed up with Jamie Oliver to try to raise awareness and help to reduce food waste, as part of their 'Fresh Thinking for Forgotten Food'. Jamie will be sharing his tips and hacks on what can be done to reduce food waste, along with creating nutritious dishes at the same time.