The decline of the roast?

Posted: 16th Oct 2017

The roast dinner was once synonymous with a Sunday, and would be cooked in kitchens up and down the country

However, this could be becoming a thing of the past, as it's a meal which is being increasingly shunned by under 45 year olds, who consider it to be too time-consuming to cook.

Amazingly, the research conducted by One Poll – 2,000 people were surveyed - found 38 per cent of 18-34 year olds have never actually cooked a roast dinner before, while over a third of 18-45 year olds consider it too difficult to attempt and therefore don't bother trying.

One third of adults aged under 45 have actually cooked less than ten roast dinners in their lifetime, and with just 25 per cent cooking a homemade roast once a month, it's perhaps not surprising that 38 per cent will rustle one up less than four times a year.

However, this downward trend is being tackled by Roast Restaurant, who is looking to revive the interest in this once traditional meal, by launching the Roast to the Rescue hotline. Open every Sunday, the hotline will be available between 9am and 5pm. Manned by roasting experts at the restaurant who talk you through the cooking process, the plan is to breathe new life into the roast dinner.