Five ways to have a healthier cocktail

Posted: 18th Aug 2017

Some weeks drag by, some go quickly, but there's one thing that will always apply - we can't wait for the weekend!

Apart from anything else, it gives us the ideal chance to relax and let our hair down. What can be a nicer way than to have a cocktail!

However, did you know there are a number of things you can do to make your cocktail healthier? Clarks have come up with five handy tips for you to try...

1 Make sure you only use freshly squeezed or 100 per cent fruit juice. And when you're picking your juice make sure it's one that does not contain added sugars.

2 Another way to reduce the overall sugar content is to use sparkling water as opposed to tonic, soda water or soft drinks.

3 Sugar syrup plays a big role in most cocktails - however, you could try a natural syrup. It's got a low sugar count and also a lower calorie alternative to refined sugar.

4 If you have flavoured syrups in your cocktail, why not replace it with whole fruits instead?

5 Opt for ingredients which are nutritious, such as lemons and lime, ginger and vegetable get the idea.

The one thing to remember is to drink responsibly - you can find out more here.