Newsday Tuesday: Afternoon Tea Week

Posted: 15th Aug 2017

Image: Rodda's

Did you know this week is Afternoon Tea Week (14th-20th August)?

Nothing quite says afternoon tea like a nice cream tea - and it's something which research by Rodda's Cornish Clotted Cream backs up, with 39 per cent of Brits saying it's their favourite food tradition.

The research has been conducted to coincide with Afternoon Tea Week, and reveals Brits are enjoying more cream tea than ever before. Six in 10 adults in the UK (63 per cent) have enjoyed one in the past two years, whilst half of Londoners (48 per cent) have enjoyed the pastime in 2017.

However, having a cream tea raises the pressing question - what do you put on first, the jam or the cream?

It seems the preferred option is to spread the jam first, and then put the cream on, with 61 per cent opting for this method. In comparison, only 23 per cent prefer it the other way around.

The choice of cream also proved decisive, with 69 per cent preferring clotted cream, 18 per cent opting for whipped cream and eight per cent liking double cream.

Will Torrent, the award-winning Patissier and Afternoon Tea at Home author, said: "Afternoon tea is a real British institution – the pinnacle of which is the cream tea. This is feel-good food at it’s best, with enjoyment given from the assembly to the taste. This research shows that the cream tea is here to stay."

"Over a quarter of the UK now eat it at home too proving that it’s no longer just a luxury to be enjoyed when eating out at a restaurant or hotel – it’s for everybody to enjoy!"

Nicholas Rodda, managing director at Rodda’s, says: "The cream tea is widely recognised as a memorable treat that people are proud to serve and share. Not only is it a long-standing tradition but it’s also a ritual, which brings people together and creates memories to be treasured."

"It’s so heart-warming to see more Brits from all over the UK embracing our cream tea heritage. We hope that it will continue to be passed from one generation to the next as a way to spend quality time, with friends and family, as well as being at the heart of special occasions."

If you'd like to bake your own delicious scones to celebrate Afternoon Tea Week, we have just the recipe here.