Four ways to achieve minimalist Christmas décor

Posted: 12th Dec 2018

If you're a fan of the minimalist look, you'll be pleased to hear Daffodil Hotel & Spa have compiled a series of tips that could be what you need to try this Christmas...

1. Keep your decorations neutral and natural

When you decorate your Christmas tree, start by choosing natural colours - these are less likely to end up outdated in the future. The colour scheme will look Nordic, which is known for having cosy appeal, meaning it's ideal for the colder months ahead. You can also consider bringing the great outdoors in through evergreens. Timeless in appearance, they're a more sustainable option in comparison to their plastic alternatives.

2. Oh, Christmas tree

There are eight million trees felled each year, only to end up in landfill within a few weeks. Instead of contributing to this, if you want a real tree, simply buy a British grown and environmentally friendly option, as these will be grown to a full cycle of nine years, with each one being replaced once it's cut down.

3. Gifts galore

After they're carefully stacked under the Christmas tree, your presents become just as much of a part of the decoration as the baubles and tinsel will be. With the UK using 40 million rolls of non-recyclable sticky tape, there's a total of 83km² or wasted wrapping paper thrown away. You can try to decorate your presents in more of a minimalistic manner by using environmentally friendly parcel wrapping paper.

4. Making the dining table a focal point

Crisp white linen and beautiful crockery will create a pared down and elegant theme, and help you avoid using plastic cutlery and paper plates.