8 tips for pet-proofing your Christmas tree

Posted: 20th Nov 2019

Whether you opt for a real or artificial tree, putting up the Christmas decorations, baubles, and tinsel is definitely a festive highlight. 

But for pet owners, the hassle of trying to make sure your beloved critter doesn't tangle themselves up in the tree, or try to climb it, is quite a struggle! All it takes is for you to pop out of the room, or to the shops, and the next thing you know the cat has torn down the tree and every bauble that belonged on it – sound familiar?

To help our four-legged friends stay out of trouble this Christmas, we've come up with 8 ways you can pet-proof your Christmas tree and make the tree an enjoyable risk-free style statement.

Check out our top tips from GardenBuildingsDirect.co.uk and see if you can save your tree from any pet-related disasters this Christmas!



1. Invest in a good quality stand

Having a good quality, heavy stand will help to secure your tree to the ground in a way that a flimsy, plastic one never will.

If you're looking to go that bit further, simply loop some fishing line around the top of the tree – before tying it to a small screw in the ceiling. This will help you to prevent it from tipping over, should your pet bump into it.

2. Fake is the way to go

Having a real Christmas tree could result in some sharp needles falling off which can subsequently get stuck in your pet's paws. Get around this by opting for an artificial tree.

3. Bare the tree

Before you decorate your tree, assemble it and then leave it for a few days. This means your pet will get used to having it in the room, and will subsequently be more likely to leave it when it's covered in lights and baubles.

And, should the worst happen, and it does get knocked over, you can simply pick it back up with little to no trouble, ensuring you don't need to spend hours picking your decorations up and subsequently putting them back on.

4. Alarm bells

Putting some tin foil or a can that is filled with a few marbles on the tree's bottom branches will mean you will hear if your cat or dog starts to nose around, giving you time to intervene.

5. Be ornament savvy

Your pets can be damaging to your Christmas decorations, but it works both ways - broken ornaments can be just as harmful to cats and dogs. Protecting your pet from the potential danger is simple enough – put the fragile ornaments higher up the tree, or switch to plastic decorations altogether.

It all boils down to how mischievous your cat or dog is - if they're particularly naughty, you could even leave the bottom third of the tree bare.

6. Watch out for wires

The bright, shiny lights are hard to resist but can still be dangerous. Your pet can end up tangled in the wires, but if they're keen to chew through, there's also the risk of an electric shock. Put the lights on your tree, leaving the branches bare and then make sure you secure the cords that lead to and from the tree. These can be hidden with a tree skirt or with cord clips that will keep them off the floor and then out of reach.

7. No edibles!

Watch out for any edible decorations - they're just asking to be eaten by your pets. However, they're likely to be incredibly dangerous, so leave them off your tree altogether for peace of mind.

8. Save the presents

Keep your Christmas gifts safe from your dog by ensuring you don't leave them under the tree. Popping them in a safe place and bringing them down either late on Christmas Eve or on the big day itself, will mean you don't need to present your loved ones with gifts that are either clawed on or drooled over.