Three ways to keep your Christmas tree looking its best

Posted: 30th Nov 2018

If you've found your dream Christmas tree, making sure it remains fresh will be a big priority in the coming weeks

Providing your tree with proper care will be a big part in whether you maintain a full and healthy looking addition to your room or have more of a drab, sad looking specimen by the time Christmas Day rolls around.

Well, the good news is that if you’re in need of some simple tips, Kamalvir Dhillon, Category Manager at B&Q has just the advice for you to try...

1. Preparation, preparation, preparation

After you've taken your Christmas tree home, you should remove the netting and shake it out. This will get rid of any loose needles and lets the tree keep its natural shape.

Once you've done this, you should chop or saw off the bottom two inches of the trunk, and also remove any small branches or bumps. This will help your tree fit into the stand you have for it.

A tip - avoid putting your tree in sand or soil, as this will reduce the water uptake.

2. Hydration

This sounds obvious but it's easy to overlook. Christmas trees are still living plants and therefore, will require water to survive. Did you know the average Christmas tree is able to drink between one and two litres a day based on its size? Therefore, keeping it hydrated will be crucial to achieving a plump and full Christmas tree.

3. Cool down

Try to position your tree away from any heat sources like radiators - the warmth would only dry out the tree, resulting in a faster loss of needles. On top of this, you should keep it away from any fruit bowls you have around the home - yes, you did read that correctly. Whilst they are undoubtedly a festive period staple, fruit will give off ethylene gas which affects plants and trees, meaning the needles drop quicker.