DIY ombré Christmas tree tutorial

Posted: 22nd Nov 2019

Have you ever looked through the best Pinterest Christmas tree trends and wished you could replicate one in your own home? Now you can!

A few years ago upside-down Christmas trees swept the nation as the latest must-have Christmas trend, but now there's a new tree in town.

Ombré Christmas trees are the latest hot product for festive decorations. Featuring a fabulous colour gradient running down the whole tree, it's perfect for families that can't decide on just one Christmas colour trend, or homeowners who want a variety of colours to complement their interior.

But getting your hands on one of these iconic artificial trees isn't always that easy, and can often come at a hefty price; so we've teamed up with Rust-Oleum and Homebase to bring you a super-easy DIY ombré Christmas tree tutorial for you to recreate on your own artificial tree.

All you need to achieve this fab look is an artificial Christmas tree, an old sheet, and a tin of Rust-Oleum's spray paint in a colour of your choice – we chose rose gold!

Take a look at our step-by-step guide and see how you can transform your Christmas tree this year.


DIY Ombré Christmas Tree Tutorial


You will need:

- Homebase Artificial Tree (or similar)

- Rose Gold Rust-Oleum Spray Paint

- Silver Rust-Oleum Spray Paint

- An old sheet or two



1. Unbox and build your artificial Christmas tree according to the instructions!

2. Fold the sheet in half lengthways and wrap around the bottom two-thirds of the tree to leave just the tip showing.

3. Give your can of Rust-Oleum rose gold spray a shake and carefully spray the tip of the tree. Two coats should provide full coverage. Don’t forget to let your tree dry a little between coats.

4. Let the paint dry for twenty minutes, then remove the sheet and repeat with the next third of the tree with your silver paint.

5. Dig into the decoration box and make sure your baubles match for the best looking tree.

Tutorial courtesy of Homebase