Five tips for making your Christmas tree extra special this year

Posted: 23rd Nov 2018

Did you know Saturday 8th December is the official 'Bring your Christmas Tree Home Day'?

In short, it's officially the busiest day of the year when it comes to buying Christmas trees, research from Dobbies Garden Centres has revealed.

Once we have our own festive focal points in our home, it basically announces that the countdown to Christmas is well and truly here!

To celebrate the approach of 'Bring Your Christmas Tree Home Day', Dobbies has partnered with 'Mr Christmas' - expert stylist and designer Lee Jackson - to explain all you could need to know about getting your tree looking its very best this season...

1. Accept it

The first challenge will be choosing your tree. The most important aspect will be the height, but you should also remember to think about the width. This is the dimension that will catch people out. Before you buy one, why not try taking a length of string to the exact height you're looking to fill? This will be a great way to assess the height of the tree when you're looking at a large selection and can prove to be a tad less clumsy then having a retractable tape measure.

2. Nowhere beats home

When you have the tree home, you should place it in the spot you want it to be in before trimming off the netting. Don't think about doing this outside before bringing the tree in - then bringing it in can mean the tree gets damaged and results in the loss of needles. You should also make sure you check the base carefully. We normally dress a tree from the viewed angle, and while baubles and other decorations may not weigh much, you'll be amazed by how much they can drag the tree down when placed on one side. If it's particularly wobbly and you have the facilities to, you could always attach the top of the tree to the ceiling or a curtain pole by using a thin cord.

3. Let it snow

If you're thinking of spraying the tree with some spray snow, the time to do it is now. Don't do it after the decorations (and especially the lights!) are added, as this means the spray snow will clog and prevent the twinkle. Instead, you should give the snow 30 minutes to let it dry before you proceed.

4. Time to cover up

Make sure you have hidden the base. There's likely to be a period before the gifts obstruct it, so making sure you hide the base will be essential. Simple ways to do this include draping a tweed throw over the base, using a stack or rustic logs, a hessian sack complete with a hessian bow, and a large log basket. These can also hide away any wires or plugs too.

5. The shape of things to come

Take the chance to clip any wayward branches - and if you do get any bald spots, make sure you clip a branch or two from the back of the tree, prior to tying the trunk with twine or dark floristry wire. Faux foliage (like lengths of ivy, sprigs or eucalyptus or similar) can all help to beef the tree's shape if you need it.