Make your own Copper Snowflake Wreath

Posted: 1st Nov 2018

Are you feeling creative today? Well, try this handy tutorial from Haskins Garden Centre - it will help you transform a plain wreath into an amazing copper snowflake wreath that you can hang with pride

You will need

Snowflake decorations
Glue gun
Flower head
Copper Wreath


1. Make a multi loop ribbon bow, secure in the centre with wire and fix to the bottom of the wreath.

2. Use a glue gun to fix foliage stems around the edges.

3. Add a flower head to either side of the bow and wire a few snowflake decorations amongst the foliage.

4. Thread ribbon through the top of the wreath for hanging.

5. Your festive wreath is ready to hang.

Tutorial courtesy of Haskins Garden Centre