DIY Christmas chair tutorial

Posted: 15th Nov 2019

Transform your seats with our easy festive chair makeover…


It's Christmas Day, all your friends and family are over, and dinner is ready to be served. Your guests take their places at the table, but there's not enough room for you! It's time to grab that bean bag, right? Wrong!

Here at HomeStyle HQ, we want everyone to have a seat around the Christmas table, and that means it's time to get crafty and make your very own festive seat.

With our easy DIY Christmas chair tutorial, you'll be able to transform your old chairs into show-stopping masterpieces that will make your dinner table look extra-festive and make you feel comfortable when it comes to squeezing around the dining table.

To achieve this fun and festive design, you don't need a whole host of tools and materials, rather, all you need is sandpaper, masking tape, dust sheets, and a few Rust-Oleum products. 

For this design, we went with traditional red and white Christmas colours, but you can choose any Rust-Oleum colours you like! Go modern and chic with a navy and nutmeg theme, or frosty with a slate blue and candy pink colour combo!


DIY Christmas Chair Tutorial

You will need:

- Sandpaper

- Rust-Oleum Surface Primer

- Dust sheets or newspaper

- Rust-Olueum Painter’s Touch – White Satin

- Rust-Olueum Painter’s Touch – Cherry Red Gloss

- Masking tape

- Greaseproof paper

- A pencil

- An artist blade or sharp scissors

- Rust-Oleum Low Tack Adhesive

- Rust-Oleum Crystal Clear


1. Start by sanding down a wooden chair and giving it a wipe over with a damp cloth to remove any dust, dirt or grease. Allow to dry thoroughly before starting to paint.

2. Use Rust-Oleum Surface Primer in white to cover the entire chair with a layer of primer. This will make it easier for the paint to adhere to the wooden surface. Allow to dry thoroughly.

3. Choose a base colour for your chair. This chair is white with red, but you could paint it any combination of festive colours including green, burgundy or metallic tones. We used Rust-Olueum Painter’s Touch spray paint in satin white and gave the chair two coats of spray paint for an even finish, allowing the paint to dry thoroughly between layers.

4. Cover the entire chair with newspaper, bin bags or dust sheets, leaving only the seat exposed. Spray paint the seat with two fine coats of spray paint to create a contrast. We used Rust-Oleum Painter’s Touch in Cherry Red. Allow to dry thoroughly between layers.

5. Use thick low-tack masking tape to create a candy cane stripe around the legs of the chair.  Start at the top of each leg and wind the masking tape around the leg, smoothing out as you go.

6. Mask off the rest of the chair using newspaper, bin bags or a dust sheet, leaving only the legs exposed. Paint the legs in a contrasting colour, using two fine coats of the spray paint.

7. Allow to dry completely before carefully removing the masking tape to uncover the candy cane striped pattern on the legs.

8. To add a festive pattern to the seat of the chair, create a snowflake stencil using greaseproof paper. Fold the paper into a triangle and draw on a snowflake design in pencil. Cut out the middle of the snowflake shape.

9. Brush a thin coat of Rust-Oleum Low Tack Adhesive over the stencil and leave it to dry a little and become tacky before carefully applying to the seat.

10. Mask off any other parts of the chair that you don’t want to be painted and spray paint the stencil with white paint.

11. Allow to dry thoroughly before peeling away the stencil to reveal the snowflake design. If any low tack adhesive remains on the chair, carefully peel it off. Spray the entire chair with a coat of Rust-Oleum Crystal Clear protective coat to seal.

Tutorial courtesy of Rust-Oleum