What do your Christmas decorations say about you?

Posted: 15th Nov 2019

New research says your baubles could reveal a lot about you…


Our favourite part of Christmas? The decorations!

There's nothing better than getting the chance to give your home a fresh new look and go all out on the styling, right?

But there's a lot that goes into choosing the right Christmas colour scheme for your interior. From the colour of your baubles and tinsel right down to the colour of your Christmas tree, each decision makes a huge impact on your room's overall look.

From frosted blues and whites to regal reds and golds, there are so many themes to go for, and each one will put its own stamp on your interior.

But have you thought about what your Christmas decorating choices could be saying about your personality?

According to research made by Robert Dyas, your festive colour schemes could be revealing a lot about how you treat Christmas and the kind of traditions you like.

To find out what your decorations say about you, take a look at our categories below and see which one reflects your style.


1. The Traditionalist


The classic approach will be taken by those who like to take a traditional approach to their festive celebrations. Warm reds are accompanied with glittering greens and golds, while attention to detail will also be key. Decorations that are used on the tree are normally heirlooms or handmade crafts that have some special value.

Traditionalists are driven by sentimental values, with the most important thing on the big day being to have their loved ones around them.


2. The Glitzy and the Glamorous


The glitzy and glamorous person will demand the best of everything. They will normally be highly competitive and will turn to metallics and chrome as they look to out-sparkle their nearest and dearest. They're also something of a Christmas pro, so will not welcome any advice - they will have carefully planned their colour scheme in advance.

The festive period gives them the perfect time to make the most of the party season and embrace total decadence. This is a time where more is very much more, as they look to go as big and bold as they can.


3. The minimalist


If you want the Scandinavian style but are looking to retain that Hygge feeling, the go-to trend for you will be minimalist.

Minimalists prefer a precise, silver-stained, no-nonsense approach to Christmas, and whilst they want to take part, require little fuss, preferring to save both time and money.

Actually, minimalists could have the slogan of 'less is more' - you don't necessarily need to go all out to achieve an impact, but if you find yourself approaching the festive season with less time, it could be the ideal seasonal option.


4. The attention seeker


If you've been waiting for the opportunity to indulge in colour and light, Christmas is the time for you. That's where the attention seeker comes into play.

Their main objective is indulging in everything and everyone, with gadget lovers and pleasers subsequently choosing the decorations that let them do just this. Few things will beat having the latest products or trends within their home. When it comes to decorations, vibrant, multicolour palettes and flashing lights will be at the core of their festive home.

Information courtesy of Robert Dyas