DIY traditional Poinsettia wreath tutorial

Posted: 18th Nov 2019

It's not long until the beginning of December, when it becomes officially ok to put your Christmas decs up!

From baubles to tinsel and garlands, households all over the UK will be putting up their Christmas tree and fighting over who puts the star on the top of the tree, which means it's probably time to start thinking about your door wreath.

This year there's a huge array of High Street wreaths that will make gorgeous festive additions to your door, but instead of buying a pre-made wreath, why not make your own?

You don't have to be a master of floristry to take on this foliage challenge, instead, we've put together the ultimate DIY wreath tutorial for you to follow. With instructions and tips from Haskins Garden Centre, creating your own natural wreath couldn't be easier!

If you fancy having a go and making your own Christmas wreath, take a look at our easy step-by-step instructions below.

DIY holly and ribbon wreath

You will need:

Twig wreath
Holly stems
Decorative ribbon


1. Wind a wide decorative ribbon around a twig wreath and glue the ends in place.

2. Arrange holly stems on the bottom half.

3. Add poinsettias and fix to the wreath with glue or wire.

4. Your festive wreath is ready to hang.

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