Upcycled bread bin

Upcycled bread bin

Posted 10th Oct 2016

This Make it Monday we have a project for all you Bake Off fans. If you are forever adding to your recipe stash, this clever upcycle by Wayfair and Motte will show you how to turn a bread bin into a retro-inspired recipe organiser, so your recipes are all in one place – handy!


What you will need

Bread bin by Continenta, or similar
Self-adhesive craft paper
White cardboard paper
Cardboard paper, colour of your choice
Scissors or craft knife


1. Start by removing any stickers from the bread bin if desired. If you are leaving the sticker in place, turn the bin around so you are now working on the back of the bin for the remainder of the project. Measure the width and height of the bread bin as a reference. Any recipe cards and dividers should fit inside nicely once the lid has been shut. All measurements provided in this tutorial are based on the measurements of a Continenta bread bin. 

Step 1


2. Cut isosceles triangles from self-adhesive craft paper. If you'd like all triangles to have the exact same size, create a template from a sheet of paper.

Step 2


3. Place the triangles onto the bread bin to figure out the placement, then peel back the protective sheet and fix into place.

Step 3


4. Continue by making the dividers from cardboard paper in the colours of your choice. From the cardboard paper, measure and cut a 16cm x 7.2cm rectangle adding a 6mm x 4cm tab on top. Make as many dividers as necessary varying the position of the tab. This way they won't cover each other up once the dividers have been placed behind each other.

Step 4


5. Use a craft knife and ruler rather than a pair of scissors for a straighter edge.

Step 5


6. From the white cardboard paper, cut 16cm x 7.2cm rectangles for the recipe cards. Using your ruler and a pen, add some space for the ingredients and instructions of each recipe.

Step 6

7. Start filling in the recipe cards with your favourite, go-to recipes. Continue on the back if necessary.

Step 7


8. On the tabs of the dividers add the collection categories of your choice. We made tabs for breakfast, lunch, appetisers, main course, sides, snacks, desserts and beverages.You could also add categories like canapés, brunch and tea, or make completely different classifications: breads, salads, soups, pasta, pies, Christmas baking.

Step 8


9. Place the dividers and recipe cards inside your very own bread bin recipe collector and arrange as desired. Add other recipes that you cut out of magazines or quickly scribbled onto a piece of paper that one time and desperately need a place to live. Happy collecting, organising and of course, cooking!

Step 9


Tutorial and images courtesy of Wayfair & Motte 

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