The 50 signs you're a foodie

The 50 signs you're a foodie

Posted 26th Apr 2016

Do you consider yourself a foodie? 


Research that was commissioned by Green & Black's Organic has revealed that Brits are becoming far more adventurous in their food tastes. So what actually makes you a foodie? Well traits such as choosing to eat in a different restaurant and looking forward to the weekly food shop are both clear indications that you're a top foodie!


Another sign? Knowing the best herb to compliment a dish, or being able to tell what your meal is missing from just one taste.


Social media also plays an increasing role in whether you get the foodie status or not. For instance posting pictures of your food on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook will make you a foodie too!


The top 50 signs you are a foodie are:


1. You eat in lots of different restaurants

2. You enjoy trying new dishes at a restaurant

3. You enjoy shopping for food

4. You’re willing to try all kinds of food/meals/ingredients

5. You know what wine to pair with which meat or fish

6. You read food magazines

7. You know which herbs complement different dishes

8. You experiment instead of always relying on recipes

9. You creating your own recipes from scratch

10. You can recognise when something’s missing in a meal/sauce just by tasting it

11. You know all of the correct pronunciations of unusual or exotic foods

12. You’ve dined in a Michelin starred restaurant

13. You can create a meal from the last few ingredients in your cupboard

14. You enjoy watching cookery shows

15. You can turn leftovers into a whole new meal with the addition of a few herbs and spices

16. You go to places other than supermarkets to buy ingredients

17. You use Instagram/twitter/Facebook to post pictures of food

18. You know the difference between the various cuts of meats and which ones are best for different meals

19. You write a food-related blog

20. You rarely eat ready meals/pre-packed food

21. You regularly talk about what you eat with friends and family

22. You have well-used recipe books

23. You make your own pasta

24. You choose a holiday destination based on the local cuisine or the restaurants nearby

25. You enjoy tweaking recipes with your own creative twist

26. You read food blogs and websites

27. You can present food nicely on the plate

28. You regularly invite friends and family over for dinner

29. You consider yourself to have well-honed taste buds

30. Your spare cash is spent on eating out

31. You can whip up a cake without having to use a recipe

32. You have created a Pinterest album of recipes and food ideas

33. You own a good set of kitchen knives

34. You’re happy to cook with an audience

35. You don’t hesitate to complain after a bad meal in a restaurant

36. You grow your own herbs

37. You make bread from scratch at home

38. You use a variety of different types of oil

39. You don’t ever think food/a restaurant is too expensive

40. You growing your own vegetables

41. You own a pestle and mortar

42. You always try to use locally sourced or organic ingredients

43. You buy spices etc. whilst on holiday/travelling

44. You can cook steak to your perfect preference every time

45. When ordering food with friends, you suggest ordering different dishes so you can all share and try each other’s

46. You have a full range of herbs and spices on display in your kitchen

47. You can use chopsticks

48. You know all of the uses for kitchen utensils

49. You own a good pair of weighing scales

50. You own an apron


[Lead image: Getty / PhotoAlto Agency RF Collections / PhotoAlto / Sigrid Olsson]

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