5 tips to help you maintain your shed

Posted: 31st May 2019

Make sure you're giving your shed the care and attention it needs by trying these handy tips!

As the weather improves and we spend more time in outside, there's a rather crucial part of our gardens that we won't want to overlook - the shed. That's where these pointers from Tiger Sheds come in - they explain how you can keep yours looking its best all year round...

1. Treat it

If you're buying a new shed, make sure you treat it as soon as you can, to provide it with some protection from the elements.

You'll need to plan ahead when choosing when you'll do it - you'll want to apply it when there's no rain forecast for the next few days, as this will provide it with the chance to properly soak into the wood. Ideally, you should give it a fresh coat on an annual basis.

If you particularly like the colour of your wood, a clear treatment could be the solution, or alternatively, you could go for a completely different shade - it's your choice.

2. Window seal

Make sure your windows are sealed both inside and out. You want to do this as soon as you can after installation, using a suitable 'watertight' solution, such as silicon. Doing this helps you avoid any leaks, which could otherwise shorten its life. You'll also want to keep an eye on these all year round, especially when it's cold and damp.

3. Building boundaries

Make sure there’s nothing too heavy touching your shed. If you're picking a spot to have one erected, you want to avoid placing it too close to tree branches or fences and trellises that are not permanently secured as well.

After putting the shed up, keep on top by cutting the nearby branches, and looking for anything that could otherwise come into contact with the building, and leaving it at risk.

4. Shed painting

If you want to give your garden a new look, painting could be the perfect solution. All you need to do is pick the colour you want to go for, so embrace the chance to get creative.

Apart from the fact that it will look amazing (we have every faith in you), paint can also offer protect the wood, subsequently lengthening your shed's life.

5. Purpose

If you're looking to ensure you're making as much of yours as possible, you need to decide exactly what you're going to use your shed for. For instance, is it primarily going to be used for storage? Then why not add some shelves?

You can find out more about shed maintenance here.