5 tips to help you achieve a happier home

Posted: 7th Jun 2019

Following the study from Kingfisher, B&Q and the Happiness Research Institute, that revealed our homes are one of the biggest contributors to our happiness and wellbeing levels, we find out five tips that could play a significant part in helping us to achieve happier interiors

1. Re-arrange the space

A great way to improve the sense of having space is by rearranging your home – it’s essentially an easy way to boost happiness levels.

2. Time for a change

Putting both time and energy into improving your home will be a great investment in your happiness - even if the process is something we don’t necessarily always enjoy.

3. Welcoming

A great way to increase the sense of pride we have in our interiors, along with the emotional connection with where we live, is by inviting people to visit.

4. Green-fingered touch

If you can access a green space, it’s likely to make a huge difference to your happiness levels. It doesn't matter if you have a garden or not – even something as simple as bringing greenery into our homes will be a great way of improving our overall wellbeing levels.

5. Make your mark

It doesn't matter whether you rent or own the place - you want to find ways to add some personality to proceedings. It can be something as simple as hanging a picture of a loved one or painting a wall - it all serves to make your home feel happier.

Tips courtesy of Kingfisher, B&Q and the Happiness Research Institute