Georgia Green's tricks for baking success

Posted: 12th Mar 2015

Georgia Green has teamed up with HomeSense for Comic Relief's #raisesomedough campaign for Red Nose Day this Friday. She's already shared some utterly delicious recipes with us, and now she's back with her tricks for baking success. Isn't she a love?


'Hey guys! I am really excited to be working with HomeSense and Red Nose Day on the #RaiseSomeDough campaign. Baking is a great way to unite families and enjoy time together, whilst learning new skills, so this should be a really fun way to support such a worthy charity. I really hope that we can raise lots of dough for Red Nose Day with some funny bakes!


So, onto my golden rules - there are just three: precision, timing and patience.

Precision because baking is a science, and will only work if the correct measurements are made, the oven at the correct temperature, etc. People may make mistakes without even realising, such as using large eggs when the recipe requires medium – a difference in 40g of egg can be the reason why a bake didn't turn out right.

Timing is all we hear about: not a minute under, not a minute over. The truth is, it depends what you are baking. Usually, bakes that take less time (such as biscuits or pastry) are more precise with their cooking time and can be overcooked very easily. Sponge cakes can be in the oven a couple of minutes over and won't really make a huge difference of the outcome.

Patience is referring to practise rather than actually waiting for bakes to be ready. Especially decorating skills like piping and chocolate writing. It can be very frustrating at first (trust me, chocolate writing used to make me cry!) but I can assure you, be patient, practise, and you will improve your skills.


I hope you all will join me in baking for Red Nose Day on Friday. With a bit of luck, I'll be making cakes in the shapes of caricatures of well-known television presenters. I used to study animation so drawing cartoons is a strength of mine – to do it on a cake is ideal!'