6 tips for creating an interior worthy of an A-lister

6 tips for creating an interior worthy of an A-lister

Posted 17th June by Peter Byrne

There's a growing desire to create a glamorous home that you can showcase on the gram with pride

So, how can you transform your interior into a space you can be proud of? Well, we've spoken to celebrity interior designer and the founder of HOS Home, Layla Chapman, who explains what you do to create an interior worthy of an A-lister.

1. Dress the bed

One of the most crucial pieces of furniture in your home is the bed. As we spend a third of our lives sleeping, there's no reason not to have a bed that provides the ultimate experience in comfort and style. One way to achieve this will be dressing yours like a pro.

Are you looking to achieve a plump, cosy feeling? Well, how about a feather filled duvet? It compliments your bedding and the structure of your bed too.

Here's a handy hint for your pillows. Try folding them in half to get into the shaman, then fix each edge perfectly into the corners.

Image: The Chelsea

You could also think about adding cushions. They provide colour, pattern and layers, creating texture in the process. Coming in various shapes and sizes, you can layer them in odd numbers to create a stylish setting which you love.

Something else to consider is a throw. Avoid folding it too neatly - after all, you want to create a more informal look - and then casually drape it over the corner of the bed. It will also come in very handy when you’re spending evenings on the sofa watching TV.

2. Table talk

Few things beat relaxing on the sofa after you've finished the housework - in fact, we can't really think of anything we'd rather do. However, the moment can be ruined if you then catch sight of your coffee table and feel it's looking a bit lacklustre.

An effective way of going from minimal to full-blown glam is to stack your coffee table with a selection of stylish books and magazines - they're a guaranteed way of injecting some classy vibes.

Once this is sorted, it's time to add some height to your books - how about a potted Orchid? You can find these in stores like M&S and Waitrose's for around £10, and they have the additional benefit of not requiring any maintenance to maintain their chic look.

3. Bathroom vibes

If there's one thing you should get for your bathroom, it's a candle! Not only does it look pretty, but it provides you with a great way to incorporate a scent, giving your bathroom an appealing smell in the process. You can find bargains at Aldi, Homesense or TK Maxx, that will help you find the scent you want in your bathroom, that contributes to a relaxing ambience.

4. Accessories match

A simple trick to try, which provides an injection of sophistication, is applying matching accessories to your hand wash and hand cream, toilet sets, kitchen appliances, and even photo frames. However, avoid gold - it can look cheap if it's done wrong.

5. Cluttered appearances

A cluttered space is definitely not an 'Insta-ready space'. It's all well and good having a cleverly styled area, but if you cross the line into 'too much', it can quickly look cheap and chaotic. Therefore, keep on top of the dusting and ensure you minimize clutter, so you can maintain clear counters.

6. Mirrored wall art

If you're looking for the perfect finishing touch for your interiors, how about some mirrored wall art? It's ideal if you're looking to bring a room together, whilst maintaining a sense of  glam. Large mirrors work incredibly well on walls, instantly opening a room up.

If you have a smaller bedroom, it's not a problem! Simply opt for mirrored sliding wardrobe doors, as it's a great way of making a room seem more spacious. If you get the chance, put a mirror up that goes across the room's entrance to create the impression of a larger space. This works particularly well if you're aiming to brighten a room or want to bring a space together.

Lead image: The Kensington

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