7 reasons you should consider incorporating houseplants

7 reasons you should consider incorporating houseplants

Posted 11th June by Peter Byrne

There has been quite the rise in the amount of houseplants that Brits are welcoming around the home

There are many good reasons that you should consider adding plants to your home, if you haven't already - and this guide explains why...

1. They can help with anxiety

Anxiety is a big topic of discussion at the moment, as Brits begin to take note of the importance of self-care. If you're looking for a great way to improve your mood and decrease anxiety levels, filling your home with plants could be the solution. For instance, lavender is well known for its stress-relieving qualities, as it slows down the heart rate and helps to lower blood pressure too, in the process, reducing stress. This is why you'll normally find its scent in lotions and spray.

Another one to consider is Snake Plant - this reduces anxiety, improving respiratory problems and helping to reduce the symptoms of headaches.

2. They can help you doze off

If you fail to get enough sleep, it can have a notable impact on different aspects of life, ranging from our health and working abilities to how sociable we feel.

Whether it's because you struggle to drift off or because you're easily disturbed, try this solution - put a potted Aloe Vera plant by your bed - it could be the secret to helping you sleep through. As it produces oxygen at night, it helps to combat insomnia, improving the overall quality of sleep in the process.

Another plant to consider is the Jasmine flower, which reduces anxiety levels. This, in turn, helps you to drift off, as the gentle scent lets you maintain a deep sleep all night.

3. They can make you more productive

Plants in a workplace have been found to increase worker productivity by up to 15 per cent. Reducing both fatigue and stress as they aid memory retention, they also help to regulate humidity, cutting carbon dioxide levels too, both of which can energise employees.

A good option will be Bamboo Palm - it's well known for fighting indoor air pollution, stimulating both clear-thinking and easy breathing. There's another good office plant to pick - Golden Pothos. It removes air toxins and subsequently absorbs unpleasant smells - this makes them the ideal plant for keeping by the office fridge.

4. They can clean the air

Getting rid of harmful toxins including benzene, formaldehyde, carbon monoxide and xylene, will ensure you get a happy and healthy home. How can you achieve this?

Well, Rubber Plant and Peace Lilies both play a part here. RubberPlants are great at removing harmful toxins - particularly formaldehyde. As time goes on, these start to become more efficient at purifying the air, in fact, Peace Lilies are believed to improve air quality by up to 60 per cent. You also won't be surprised to hear that they live up to their name, helping to promote a sense of relaxation.

5. They can help settle your stomach

If you're after some fast relief for an upset stomach, you could try adding a mint leaf to a drink. Step forward, Korean Mint - it's a versatile plant that helps you fight off colds, flu and upset stomachs. Catnip could also be a solution to try - yes, it might be popular with cats, but it can also work wonders for humans, helping to deal with unwanted gas, stomach aches and migraines.

6. They can help you stay healthy

Herbal remedies have proved a popular treatment for infections for centuries - and they’re still stand the test of time today. Prior to pharmacies being readily accessible, Red Clover was a particularly popular presence in teas and ointments, especially where coughs, colds and skin irritations were concerned.

7. They can help you ward off pests

Both mint and basil are efficient at keeping potential pests at bay – thanks to their strong smell, they can repel the majority of insects.

Guide courtesy of Serenata Flowers

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