4 ways to design a productive home office

4 ways to design a productive home office

Posted 28th May

Get ready to use design to improve the productivity-boosting power of your home office! Create a bright, tidy, and comfortable space that is ideal for helping you to tackle your daily to-do list.

With cloud-based working becoming increasingly popular, more and more of us have started working from home.

Here, Matt Deighton, of British furniture specialists Timeless Chesterfields, offers his advice for what you can do to create your own cosy, inspiring work area.

The key here is having a space that encourages productivity — and these are the tips that will help you achieve just that.

1. Let in natural light

A great way to boost productivity is to expose yourself to daylight. This may seem impossible if you're stuck indoors working all day, but 47 per cent of office workers have said they feel tired if there's a lack of natural light (i). Another 43 per cent report feeling gloomy because of it, too.

Subsequently, it's important to do everything you can to let the sunshine in and make sure you’re ready to tackle your workload. To do this, pick a room with plenty of windows when choosing where you want to create your office. Or, alternatively, position your desk so that it faces out of a window.

2. Use bright colours

Colour psychology reveals there's no particular shade that boosts productivity (ii). In fact, a mixture of colours is best as they all contribute to our moods. The best colours to pick include:

  • Blue, which is calming and encourages both logical thinking and intelligence
  • Yellow, which is ideal for improving creativity and confidence
  • Green, which helps to nurture balance and harmony between both mind and body

These can then be complemented by using as many colours as you want, through a combination of rugs, throws and scatter cushions. It’s also worth considering bright shades over pastels, as a way of giving you a really stimulating environment — you should go for decorations and accessories in bold primary tones.

3. Organise your office space

If you have a messy office, it can lead to increased stress levels and heart rate (iii). This makes it harder to concentrate on the task at hand, which can affect both your mental and physical health. And, as an added incentive to keep everything tidy, you're also less likely to lose an important document you could otherwise need.

Another option is going paperless — this will reduce the number of files and folders on display, which could restrict the workspace available to you.

4. Have comfortable seating

81 per cent of UK workers typically spend between four and nine hours a day at their desk (iv) – this leads to bad posture and back problems. Get around this by making sure you have your desk at the right height, with your screen an appropriate distance away, while making sure your chair has numerous adjustable options. This ensures you can limit any eye strain which could cause headaches, along with back strain.

It's also worth sitting away from your computer from time to time. A comfy armchair, for instance, can help if you need to read through a document or just want to make the most of your coffee break. Take regular breathers somewhere you'll be comfortable — it's a good way to stretch, it helps you to rest your eyes, and it means you can enjoy a change of scenery. This can make you feel like you're ready to get back to work and you will subsequently end up being more productive.

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